NSF-Funded Workshop INVITATION

Invitation to submit application to attend faculty development workshop at Lehman College/CUNY — Workshop stipend provided

Dear Colleague:

I am reaching out to you because you either teach or work as an administrator at a Hispanic-Serving Institution [HSI]/minority-serving institution and/or you are the PI on an NSF grant focused on STEM education at HSIs/minority serving institutions.  Thank you for your commitment to these students!

I am writing to invite you to apply to attend an NSF-funded workshop that will train faculty in best practices for quantitative reasoning instruction.   The workshop is designed to show faculty how to infuse data analysis into their course instruction and our training focuses largely on showcasing a survey research activity that makes use of Google forms and spreadsheets.  We welcome faculty from a wide range of disciplines such as sociology, psychology, history, education, health sciences, journalism, as well as more traditional STEM fields.  Attendees must come from a minority-serving institution (such as an HSI or HBCU).  I have attached a flyer that provides more details about the workshop.  If this workshop doesn’t seem appropriate to you, might you kindly forward this message to your colleagues in other departments/schools,, such as the ones I’ve indicated above?  If so, I would be very grateful!

This year’s two-day workshop will be held on June 29th to June 30th at Lehman College, in the Bronx, in NYC (each day is a full day).  We will welcome 20 guests to each annual 2-day workshop.  We will be holding 3 additional workshops in the years ahead, so if someone might be interested in coming, but cannot attend this year, they are still encouraged to complete our questionnaire (depending on response, we may also invite some faculty to come in future years).  We provide a stipend of $500 for local attendees and $1,000 for those traveling a long distance (greater than 60 miles).  Breakfast and lunch will be provided at the workshop.

We require teams of at least two people to come from each institution (they could both be faculty, but it would also be acceptable to have a faculty member and an administrator).  Each interested party must complete a questionnaire.  Our goal is for those who attend our training program to return home and serve as leaders on their home campus for this hands-approach approach to teaching quantitative reasoning skills!

As noted on the attached flyer, we ask interested faculty/administrators to please compete our questionnaire by March 31, 2020.   The questionnaire link is here:


You may learn more about our project here, which we call DARE (Data Analysis Research Experience) for shorthand:


Thank you for taking the time to read this email!  Again, if you are not interested but might be able to share it with potential colleagues who you think would be appropriate, I would be grateful.  You are also welcome to share this email with other colleagues at HSIs/minority-serving institutions.

Kind regards,

Esther. on behalf of the DARE project.

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