• Here is a new public-facing FPAC link with career information for students.  It includes more information on the various occupations and some general qualifications criteria https://www.fpacbc.usda.gov/careers/
  • Students/Applicants are encouraged to apply early in the announcement period, as our HR folks will impose applicant cut offs based on the volume of applications.
  • Pathways Program: https://www.usda.gov/our-agency/careers/usda-pathways-programs
  • Below is a schedule with the anticipated dates and type of job announcements by FPAC Agency.  As always, all job announcements will be posted on www.usajob.gov, and in most cases, will be open for approximately a 5-day period. 
                        Announcement DateNRCS-Type of Pathways Announcement
Oct. 13thPathways-Career Interns All 0499 positions-Agriculture/Natural Resources/Biological Sciences(Range Science, Ag Science/Biology, Soil Science, Agronomy Wildlife Biology, Forestry, Environment Science & Other Related Ag & Natural Resource Majors)
Oct. 14thPathways-Career Interns All 0899 positions (Engineering-Civil, Agriculture and/Environmental)
Oct. 15thPathways-Career Interns All other disciplines 1399/1099/0199/0399 Physical Sciences- (Hydrology, Cartography, Geology)Information & Arts- (Public Affairs)Social Sciences- (Archeology, Economists)Administrative- (Management Analyst, Clerical)
Oct. 19thRecent Graduate positions (Variety of Above)*Another round of Recent Graduate job announcements in March 2021
DateFSA/RMA/Business Center- Type of Pathways Announcement
Oct. 13thPathways-Career Interns All Pathways Career Internships PositionsFSA-Business & Industry-Ag Loan Specialists and Administrative-Clerical (Ex. Business, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Contracting)RMA-Compliance Investigator & Risk Mgt Specialists (Ex-Business, Finance, Accounting, Statistics)
Oct. 19thRecent Graduate Positions—Same Type of Positions as Oct. 13th
Notes: All job announcements will be on USAJOBS.gov.  All applicants must apply on USAJOB.gov. All job announcements will be open for 5 business days or until closed by applicant cut offs.

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