TxHSIC Fact Sheet

The Texas Hispanic Serving Institutions Consortium (N=100) was founded in 2005 by Laredo College, along with St. Edward’s University, Texas A & M University-Kingsville, Del Mar University, Houston Community College, and other early members.  The Consortium had the support of a small USDA grant, in order to build the pipeline of students transferring from 2-yr. HSIs to 4-yr. HSIs, and also moving into graduate programs at HSI research universities.  In addition, the work of the Consortium has focused on strengthening STEM pathways for students at Texas HSIs and providing scholarships to students at our member institutions.   

The Consortium has grown from 43 HSIs in Texas in 2005, to 100 HSIs in 2021.  It should also be noted that with another 41 emerging HSIs in Texas, the total of 141 HSIs and emerging HSIs represents about 92% of all Texas colleges and university (N=154).  Finally, the Consortium puts an emphasis on the second word of “Hispanic Serving Institutions.”   We serve our students. We further recognize that scholarships make graduates, and that more Hispanic graduates for the State of Texas increases the economic and workforce outlook for all our citizens.   

Profile of Texas Hispanic-Serving Institutions (N=100)    
  Public  (N=77)Private  (N=23)  Total (or Average)
Total Enrollment – Headcounts based on most recent HACU data (www.hacu.net) and IPEDS (www.nces.ed.gov/ipeds) 1,534,663  68,596 1,603,259
Hispanic Enrollment   520,786  17,146  537,932
Black Enrollment   199,506    8,232  207,738
Male   649,162   28,124  677,286
Female   885,501   40,472  925,973
Economically Disadvantaged (Pell eligible)    647,627   30,868  678,495
First-Generation students (from 21% to 42% across institutions)    475,746   20,579  496,324
Academically Disadvantaged/First time students enrolled in one developmental (remedial) course      583,171   21,951  605,122
1-Year fall-to-fall Retention Rate      72.2%  73.5%     72.9%
2-Year Graduation rates (associate degrees)    32.0%  48.0%   40.0%
4 -year Graduation rates (baccalaureate degrees)      35.0%  47.1%   41.1%
Completion Percentage – after 6 years (all undergraduate degrees).  (www.thecb.state.tx.us and http://www.icut.org)    60.0%  65.7%   62.9%
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